Thursday, July 14, 2005

Article Writing for Fame and Fortune

How would you like to have your name and web address spread all over the internet? How would you like to have your web site move up to the first few pages on the major search engines?Actually, it's not as difficult as you may think. It requires some time and effort on your part, however, the rewards can far outweigh the effort that you put in.Not only can you receive thousands of dollars worth of free advertising and promotion, but you can also develop a reputation as a smart person, one who many people would like to be affiliated with.So, just what is this all-powerful genie of self promotion?Believe it or not, it's Article Writing.That's right, the absolute best method that I have found to get free advertising is to write articles and submit them to ezine publishers and article directories. Website owners and ezine publishers are always looking for content for their sites and newsletters. Why not let them publish yours.Let me give you an example of the power of writing. I had written just 1 home business article and submitted it to about a dozen online article submission sites. Prior to this, when I checked Google to see how many links I had coming in to my site, MLM Wonders, it showed only 37 links. About 2 weeks after submitting my article I checked again and had well over 300 links incoming.If you're not sure what that means, let me explain.By submitting my article to those few sites, I was giving anyone the permission to download it and use it as content on their sites. By checking just one of the sites I submitted to I found that my article was downloaded over 150 times. So, if 150 people put my article on their web site, just think of the exposure (and links) I am getting.If you consider the fact that those 150 web sites may get thousands of views each month, my little article could be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. All at no cost to me!You may also be thinking that people do not want to read articles that are just advertisements with a lot of links in them so how does that let you promote your site. You're right about that, and also remember that most article submission sites will not let you submit articles that are just advertisements for your site or products. In fact I don't put any links into the body of my articles.So how are all those links coming to my site?Simple. With each article you write, you have the opportunity to put a resource box at the end. This short 'Signature File' is usually around 5 lines and is where you introduce yourself and tell the readers about what you are selling and how they can get more information. It can contain a link to your web site and an email address. This is your advertisement, and it's free.What's the matter, don't think you can write about anything interesting?I didn't think I could either. Then I got to thinking about what I have been doing online for the past few years. I thought about some of the problems I had and how I fixed them and how I used the internet to make money (i.e. this article). I also decided that other people may want to know about these things and presto, a writer was born!Thousands of people are joining the internet every day and are looking for information on particular topics. Some may be looking for ways to make money, others may be looking for recipes, or articles on pets, or just about anything. The possibilities are endless. If you have a favorite hobby, share it with others by writing articles about it. If you're not sure about a topic, do a little research on the internet. Read other articles, check websites and then condense what you learn into an article.You don't need to be an experienced writer, just write like you would talk to someone about your topic. Try to be grammatically correct and check your spelling, or have someone check it for you.Don't try to write it all at once either. If you're not sure what you are going to say, simply jot down whatever comes to mind then go back and fill in the paragraphs. Stop for awhile and then come back to it. You'll be surprised at how much you can remember about your topic when you are just walking around, then you can come back and type it out.Try to keep your articles between 500 and 1000 words. Keep your paragraphs short as this makes for easier reading. If you don't like writing paragraphs, you could make it a 'Tips' article, for instance, "7 Tips For ***", or "10 Good Reasons To ***".Writing articles can give you free promotion and at the same time develop a favourable reputation for you on the Internet.So what are you waiting for? About the Author Randy Justason is the Owner/Webmaster of MLM Wonders - - A website dedicated to opportunities, ideas and resources for starting a home based business on the internet. You can subscribe to the MLM Wonders free monthly Newsletter at: _______________________________________________

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Configuring Email Addresses

When configuring an email client it is important to set up the correct email addresses. Here we will look at email address set up that is generally applicable to all email clients (outlook express, IncrediMail) and all email providers -POP3 mailboxes, Yahoo email, Msn HotmailWhen you set up an email client like outlook express for accessing POP3 mailboxes, Yahoo email, Msn Hotmail or any other service provider you will be confronted with a screen asking for display name, email address,reply address.The important fields are :Display Name: This is usually your name or nickname and will appear on your email in the from address. In the Example above steveEmail Address: This is the email address given to you by your email provider. In the example above steve@....... (left bank here because of email harvesting). The email address is usually associated with a physical mailbox.Reply address: This is the email address That the recipient will reply to and is either blank or set to the same address as the Email address-The effect is the same. In the example above it is set to be the same as the Email address.Reply Address Different From Email Normally you set up the email and reply address to be the same. There is however a case for setting them to be different and that is normally when you have changed email providers but have retained your old email address.In order to retain your email address you need to own the domain name and this is covered in more detail in a guide to email addresses and lifetime email addresses.Assuming for now that your addresses are as follows:old: steve@oldISP.comnew: steve@newISp.comlifetime email address: steve@mydomain.comYou would set up your email client (outlook express , IncrediMail) as follows:Set up for old ISPDISplay Name: steveEmail Address: steve@oldISp.comReply address: steve@mydomain.comSet up for new ISPDISplay Name: steveEmail Address: steve@newISp.comReply address: steve@mydomain.comNotice that in either case the reply address is the same and it is your lifetime or permanent address. Anyone replying to email from you will reply to the reply address ( You will need then to make arrangements with your email address provider to forward this email to your new mailbox.Email ForwardingEmail forwarding allows you to continue to use an existing email address e.g. an email account provided by your lifetime email address provider regardless of which ISP (Internet service provider) you use. If we continue the example of oldISP and newISP then any email messages that are sent to need to be forwarded to either the oldISP address or the newISP addressoldISPYour ISP or email provider is oldISp your email address and physical mailbox is arrange with the lifetime email address provider (usually you do it yourself through a control panel) to forward email sent to to your mailbox then decide to change your ISP or email provider to newISp your new email address and physical mailbox is now now arrange with the lifetime email address provider (usually you do it yourself through a control panel) to forward email sent to to your mailbox Email AddressesA catch all address is a special case of email forwarding. With a catch all email address then all email sent to will be forwarded to a single> -----> Mailbox1 -----> Mailbox1When retrieving email you only need to connect to mailbox1 to retrieve email sent to any of the addresses. About the Author Stephen Cope is a freelance trainer and the Webmaster at - making a website, Niche Website Guide. ,Money Making Websites , IncrediMail and Outlook Express Updates. ____________________________________________

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Benefits of Freewriting

It's 2 am and you're sitting at your desk, no ideas and no thoughts. The cup of coffee to your side is the sixth. But still, the same blank sheet of paper from an hour ago taunts you, there is nothing to show for your effort but a back cramp and a feeling of inferiority.We've all faced it. The loss of ideas and the lack of drive. When we are left wondering why we can't seem to find the right words.Perhaps what you need is to simply forget about structure and finding the right words.Why not take a break from the tedium and freewrite?The Benefits of Freewriting."If writing was dinner, then freewriting would have to be dessert."It only takes a few minutes a day, but there are many benefits to be gleaned from freewriting exercises.Freewriting promotes activity. It keeps the writer sharp and in control of his writings. Practicing freewriting everyday is one of the best preventions against writer's block and boredom in the writing process.Freewriting allows you to stop thinking and make mistakes without judgement. When you freewrite, you allow yourself to be a little kid, able to misspell and be imperfect.Freewriting gives us the freedom to be ourselves with all our faults.As authors, above all else we need freedom. Freedom to write as we please. Sometimes we even need freedom from ourselves. Freewriting allows us to gain that. It allows us to detach from our worries and our mistakes, from our problems and from our concerns. All that is left is the words, with all their imperfections.Freewriting is a good form of brainstorming. When you freewrite, you are actually performing a type of brainstorming. Freewriting can kickstart the mental process and bring new ideas and new concepts to the forefront. It brings new life to a tired mind that has focused so much on a topic that it clams up and can no longer create new ideas on that topic.Freewriting in Practice.Freewriting is one of the easiest ways to write. No prose, no context, just us and the words. It doesn't matter how they are arranged, it doesn't matter if they even make sense. All we have to do is write.For this exercise, let's buy ourselves a spiral bound notebook, I personally use OMNI.Write in it everyday. Just one page and one side per day. It doesn't matter if you can't think of anything to write, just write what comes to you, even if you feel it is subpar or not worth the effort.It doesn't have to be neat or perfectly spelled. This exercise isn't about spelling, structure or neatness. Instead, it's meant to promote plain and simple activity. If you write more often, even if you feel it's bad, you will improve. The key to improvement in any activity is to practice often, and writing is no exception.Keep on freewriting everyday, one page and one side at a time. By the time you have reached the end of the book, I can promise you will be more skilled than you were before you started. Once you get into the habit of writing everyday, writing will become easier and more natural.This exercise also promotes mental clairity. We all have stress and other issues on our mind. By freewriting everyday, we allow our minds to be cleansed of this muck and allow the mind to be freed of that so it can think clearer and create more precise and interesting ideas.Closing Arguments on Freewriting.To truly be a creative author, it doesn't take knowing the magic words, it takes the patience and persistence to write the wrong ones often and the willingness to mold and shape them into the right ones. Freewriting will help to keep your mind fresh and your heart in the right place, not to mention, it's very fun too.Sources."Anybody Can Write" by Roberta Jean Bryant. About the Author David is a freelance writer who is enthusiastic about writing. He is also the webmaster for _______________________________________